ashburton lodge


Formed in 1946.

A member of Freemasons New Zealand


Masonic Centre
Havelock Street
New Zealand

Both on and off-street parking is available.


These are held on the first Tuesday of each month except January. 
Meetings commence at 7.30pm.


First Tuesday in November. Visiting Brethren are received at 6.45pm.


Visiting Brethren are always welcome and are received at 8.00pm following General Business.
Dress code is dress suit or lounge suit, and appropriate regalia.


Supper and a time of social harmony follow the formal meetings.


The Lodge gives full support to "Freemasons Charity". The Lodge also has its own Charitable Fund which is used to assist those in need and to support our Lodge widows and elderly brethren. The brethren do not commit to 'working bees', etc as money-raising activities but our individual giving is budgeted to enable our financial commitments to be fully met. The members are also participants in the manning of a Timaru car park and the donations received are deposited in our Charity funds.


The Lodge provides an Annual Scholarship for the Ashburton College Trades' Course in Year 12. The top student receives a trophy in the form of the Square & Compasses and the top student who undertakes an apprenticeship receives $1,000.00 that must be spent on his/her training and tools of trade. The Lodge provides $500.00 and this is subsidised by the Midland District No 28 Charitable Trust.


The Brethren and their ladies meet from time-to-time to enjoy each other's company and to have a barbeque or an informal meal. A mid-winter luncheon is held in the Lodge Refectory when the Ashburton College Trades Scholar is presented with his/her award. Other diverse functions are held during the year. These functions are for brethren, ladies, families, widows and friends.


Harmony Lodge is always encouraging new members: brethren who have transferred to Ashburton; unattached brethren; or men who are interested in becoming members of our fraternity. Please get in touch with any of the officers listed in the contact box and you will be contacted immediately. There is also a Freemasons’ website and brochures about Freemasonry. Regular attendance is desirable but not compulsory. Unfortunately our membership numbers have declined since our last web message through deaths and resignations. Our membership is now 51 brethren including one Fellowcraft. There are 43 members on email.

Our Worshipful Master, W Bro RC (Dick) Hansen, and his officers are well through their year in office. All the Brethren progressing through the chairs are Master Masons. Our membership is very cosmopolitan. In addition to our locally born and bred brethren, we have members from Southland, Otago, Auckland and Wellington, plus three Scots and twenty three Filipinos. The members are from all walks of life: farmers, meat workers, dairy workers, various professionals, tradesmen and retirees.


Our new arrangement of Exchange of Gavels with The Avon Shirley Lodge No 185 is very successful and well established. At our June regular meeting we hosted the Avon Shirley Lodge who conduced a Second Degree on one of its members.  Harmony Lodge continues its long association with Exchange of Gavels with The Mackenzie Lodge No 93.

In July we continued our tradition of having a Past Masters' night and conducting a Third Degree. For a number of years we have been able to Raise a Fellowcraft and this year was no different. The officers are, wherever possible, the same officers who were in office 10 years ago.  

In August we travelled to Lincoln Lodge No 33 for the annual exchange of gavels of the Lodges that meet on the First Tuesday. It was Lincoln Lodge's turn to be the host to Lodge of Unanimity Sumner Lodge No 3, Lodge Tawera No 188, Harmony Lodge No 325. 

In September, a group of Lodges known as the Selwyn group had their annual get-together and the Mid-Canterbury Lodges are part of that group. Once again we travelled to the Lincoln Lodge as it was their year as host. Unfortunately the candidate for Initiation was unable to attend because of work commitments but we had a good substitute in RW Bro Robert Angelo Div GM.


The annual combined Lodges of the Midland District No 28 will be held this month and the host lodge is The Midland District Lodge of Research No 436.

Our November meeting sees the completion of a very successful year for W Bro Dick Hansen and his Officers and the introduction of our Master-elect Bro Roel Rojas and his team for the year 2017-2018.  

Note: Our website is operating at a reduced rate as there is more that we wish to incorporate. "The body is willing but the brain is weak".